the shift from fear to love

it has become a struggle for me trying to process the chaos and uncertainty in our democracy right now. my time spent reading articles on social media, especially the never-ending scroll of trolling replies, just results in a never-ending cycle of anger. i don’t know what to do with the negative energy that keeps building, so i end up internalizing it.

in order to purge some of this emotion, i contemplate creating art that mocks these self-serving politicians or writing angry articles about the injustices happening in our country every day. this would give me a fleeting sense of satisfaction. but there is already so much cynicism flooding the news.

so instead I have decided to use my time and energy to share love. we need more focus on love and all the good, kind people in this world. by only focusing on hate, we get stuck in a depressing place of fear and frustration. fear makes us freeze and feel powerless from making a difference. it creates the illusion of ‘us versus them’. it makes you feel alone in your beliefs.

but you are not alone. before race, religion and sexual preference, we are humans first—good humans. by focusing on love and empowerment we can make a shift against hate and indifference.

you can be part of this shift by reaching out to just one person - let them know why you love them or send them a positive message. the funny thing is when you take that simple step, it creates a wave. the person you touched will feel its impact and want to carry that message to someone else. if everyone did that just once, there would be a shift.

but the key is to keep doing it - once a month, once a week or maybe every day, whatever you can manage. every time you hear something in the news that makes you angry, another injustice that makes you want to put your face in a pillow and scream, take all that emotion and find a way to share a message of love.

just to be clear, i am not suggesting you become complaisant or inactive. for a democracy to work for the people they must make their voice heard. but we need to make the message of love louder than the message of hate.

so together let’s make a shift from fear to love. i believe in good humans and we will prevail.  


a fresh start

so i seriously dropped the ball on this whole blog deal. i have no problem admitting that. but it wasn’t due to lack of effort. i did write some articles, they just never saw the light of your computer screen.

i have some anxiety over putting my written word out to the world. i nitpick over grammar and rewrite my words so many times i hardly recognize the original concept anymore. i tell myself it is ok not to finish, because no one is interested in reading it anyway.

but today i realized it doesn’t matter if no one reads this. it is all just an exercise. an exercise in me finding my voice and ignoring my anxious thoughts. it is also an exercise in sharing the human experience. if something i say resonates with someone else, that is just icing on the cupcake. finding others like us is a reminder that we are not alone.

so i am ready to try again. i am not going to hold back my words anymore. i am just here to find my voice and share my human experience. thanks for stopping by.


hello my sweet

welcome to my new site!  i am quite pleased to finally have a place to call home that represents my soul.  i am a kid at heart - tokidoki, hello kitty, kidrobot, my little pony, strawberry shortcake, carebears - toys, plush, vinyl, keychains, you name it i collect it.

my goal was to get this site up before AdobeMAX and it looks like that will happen. (yea me!)

there is a lot of old stuff in my portfolio so i will gradually be adding my new works.

i hope you enjoy the fun and simplicity of my designs - would love to hear what you are working on!